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Founded by two friends, Piers & Steve, it all started with a MacBook Air, 128GB of internal storage and a bad habit of quickly filling up disk space. The Nifty MiniDrive, Nifty’s first product, was born because we wanted an easier way to upgrade the storage.

With the seed of an idea, and a still crazy Kickstarter campaign that included backers like Steve Wozniak, Nifty became a real company.

Once we had worked out how to actually manufacture things at volume, we started looking around for other problems to solve, bringing us to where we are today, allowing us to work with some amazing partners, and helping push the envelope in both design and electronics.

From the very beginning we have aimed to create simple, beautiful tools which would fill a small tech-shaped hole in a million busy lives.

As a small company, your business is incredibly important to us, and we would like to take a moment to say thank you, both for buying from us, and for taking the time to read this!

With love,

Piers & Steve